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Interview with Jackson on the media response to 'Site'

"I think it has 'confused' people because I am celebrating my body in a way that is not sexually objectifying such as we are so accustomed to, whilst also critiquing why and how shame is layered upon the female body." 

Naked Artist on East London Roof Wanted to Celebrate the Power the Body Holds

Interview by Hannah Al-Othman




The Vagina As Autonomous Zone 

BLUD ZER0 Collective

Publication Compiled and Curated by Guest Editor Poppy Jackson

"The zine explores the link between creativity and sexuality, the notion of threshold, liminal space in relation to the vagina, as well as the current movement towards the reclaiming of ownership of female sexuality."

Poppy Jackson, Guest Editor

BLUD ZER0 Collective EZine Issue #1





Presenting the Work of Contemporary Performance Artists & Actionists

"I am pleased to feature the work of UK based performance artist, Poppy Jackson. Jackson presents actionist based performance works that explore the autocratic female body"

Artist Feature with Poppy Jackson

By Quinn Dukes


New York arts journal and website for the discussion and exploration of performance art

"Both you and I are exploring the world and everything that has come before us through our bodies in our time, in our space. No one can tell us how to do this or that we are doing it wrong. There are no benchmarks, no one has ever lived in our bodies, here and now. Watching you reclaim your body from the violent histories of misogyny and patriarchy was so inspiring and gave me courage to dream of other ways of being. I will hold onto this lightness "

Reflections on ‘WIN’, A Performance By Poppy Jackson

By Benjamin Sebastian

Restock, Rethink, Reflect: Live Art & Feminism

"It’s a hell of a neat bit of performance art, the room practically pulsating with the energy of traumatic memories, aesthetics that straddle the line between erotic/grotesque and a constant sense of danger."

Lillex by Nina Arsenault & Poppy Jackson

Review by David C James


G. M. Peterson


"Not only is the female body socially autonomous, but it is geographically as well, maintaining a level of “borderless-ness” communicated by the self-sufficient gestures that Jackson employs; within a single frame, point A and point B are depicted -- vastness, in spite of its changing environment, can still exist within a single body."

An analysis of Poppy Jackson's performance at Defibrillator Gallery

By G. M. Peterson

THE SMOKE                                                                                                                                   London’s Best Arts & Culture

"In 6 words, imagine a manifesto for the art of the future:

Radical, inclusive, performic, spiritual, living, unhouseable"

Six Industry Insiders, Six Questions                                                                                                 Poppy Jackson Artists Profile

Interviewed by Arts Editors Liz Weber and Constanza Beltrami


Australia's Critical Guide to International Contemporary Arts

"The sensory seduction of Poppy Jackson’s Untitled stuns. Amid birdsong, smells of melting wax and poster paint, a woman with red bunting wrapped round wrists balances on a birthday cake in the yellowy light of a summer’s day"

Queen Mary University of London and the Live Art Development Agency, East End Collaborations 2009—Tenth Anniversary Platform

Review by Marie-Anne Mancio

West 35th and 8th

QCA Photography New York Tour 2014

"Im constantly surprised by my own body and what it does, the cycles it goes through, how it changes and how it feels, how it goes through life and experiences, what it is capable of and not capable of. All these things really fascinate me. And also the other side of that is how my female body is perceived in this culture and society. Like walking down the street and how that is read and how Im perceived. A lot of that I find really difficult, like there is a whole culture of the female body being something to look at."

Interview with Performance artist Poppy Jackson

By Skye Fordham

Natalie Raven


"In Poppy Jackson’s Television Lounge, the nude performer stands tall, upright, facing the corner of the room whilst what appears to be menstrual blood trickles down her legs. Her body sighs and sways as it stands, (un)still. This isn’t a statue, cast of bronze or iron, but a living, breathing entity; gentle muscular movements appear with each breath."

On Boundaries
Written for Spill Festival of Performance, 2014

By Natalie Raven

P&B Showcase

Cultural showcase for arts and business

A highlight is Poppy Jackson, a performance artist, who gives a bodily show involving thick, black, treacle-like paint and her hair. Commanding her audience throughout the performance, she appears stoic and in control, using the walls of the cell as her canvas, though remaining within them, raising questions of power and heightening the relationship of the audience and the artist.

Review of Women's Cell

By Alexandra Unger

Site (Above image)

SPILL Festival of Performance, London 2015

Photo: Emma Møller