Poppy Jackson (IE/GB, 1982) makes actionist work exploring the female body as an autonomous zone.

Jackson's paintings and live performances apply a grunge aesthetic to the Western iconographic tradition, using a methodology
of violence
as creative and transformational catalyst. Her practice spans drawing, printmaking, painting, performance
and video.
 An ongoing collaboration with Nina Arsenault aims to 'explode gender through mind, body and spirit'. 
Current research considers the menstruating body inherently performic. 

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Menstrual Blood & Glass 2015
Photo by Manuel Vason / DARC
-Artist Biography-

Poppy Jackson is an actionist artist, investigating themes around the performativity of the body through working with the female body itself as site. Her work has been featured in international arts platforms as well as in news outlets worldwide: notably her performance 'Site' (SPILL Festival of Performance, Toynbee, London 2015), an eight-hour durational work uniting body and building which garnered significant national and international media attention last year; 'Constellation' (Exquisite Corpse, Fuse Art Space 2015) which involved an online call out for menstrual blood; and the subsequent video of the work (Exquisite Corpse, Gold+Beton Gallery Cologne 2016) which visited Cologne in the wake of the New Years Eve attacks in the city.

Jackson's work has been supported by Arts Council England and the British Council and presented internationally, including at The Barbican and Whitechapel Galleries (London), FEM Festival (Girona), Museum of New Art (Detroit), Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery (Chicago) & Grace Exhibition Space (New York). The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Live Art Development Agency and School of the Art Institute of Chicago have hosted her most recent lectures and masterclasses. 

Born and raised in Norfolk to an egg-tempera painter mother and hospital porter and photographer father, Jackson studied Foundation at Norwich University of the Arts, where she currently acts as a Mentor to recent graduates. She completed her BA at Dartington College of Arts and MA at Goldsmiths University. 

The curation of events and facilitation of professional development projects for emerging artists form another strand of Jackson's artistic practice. Liminal Bodies (the international network of nomadic artists), SITE/SPACE, (a monthly site responsive event), and Transatlantic Performance Practice (a UK-US network of body-based feminist practitioners) are platforms she founded and manages in order to foster community and collaboration across boundaries. She is an Associate Artist of ]performance s p a c e [ in London.